The first job euphoria

The first job euphoria

The first job euphoria =>Four years of primary school, five years of elementary school, three years of highschool and three to five years of college.

Congratulations! You managed to pass the tutorial. Now let’s get serious about the game.

The first job euphoria

Said like this, it seems that you have been under protection until now and that your mistakes would not have repercussions. It seems now that things are going to be difficult and that you will regret having wished so much that this day would come. The truth is that now you begin to build your identity before society. You begin to define yourself as a professional, showing what you are capable of. Of course things will not be like before, but life is a game. And in a game no one wants to stay in the tutorial.

Choosing where you are going to start your career is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. The doors that will open in the future will be different depending on the experience you are having. But never lose your ambition! More than what you can learn at a technical level in your area, learn the correct values. While the market needs are constantly varying, the type of people you want to work with hardly changes. I strongly advise you to see this talk by Miguel Gonçalves (big hug for you) at TEDxYouth de Braga.

Speaking now specifically of my professional field, Software Engineering, choosing the place to start the career can be a particularly difficult decision when compared to other areas. This happens because there is a greater offer than normal and very interesting projects. This temp you to accept the first proposal that you get, rather than waiting and making a conscious decision. This is the dilemma many young people face when they are in this phase of their careers. Besides, society will also peer pressure you to never trade the certain for the uncertain. This often leads people to being unhappy in their position. And this must be the primary purpose for accepting a job.

Pursue excellence and success will come chasing you.

This fact is often forgotten. Everyone wants to be successful, to be rich and to be respected by society. They forget, however, that this doesn’t happen just because of your beautiful face. Worry! Pull up the sleeves and do what needs to be done. Don’t wait for your boss to tell you what to do and anticipate what is going to be necessary. No one wants an employee who is always waiting for you tell hem what to do. You want people who are committed and who give 150% of themselves in what they do.

This is the kind of things that the school and the education system do not care much about teaching because it is expected to be taught at home.

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